Hailing from the city of Decatur, Georgia, artist/songwriter, Black Walker has hit the ground running full speed since his introduction to the game in Spring 2014. In just over a year, Black has been able to accomplish feats that most underground artists have taken years to conquer; from a performance on the same stage as Hip-hop legend Raekwon at SXSW 2015 in Austin Texas, to consistently headlining showcases throughout Atlanta after his very first live performance ever. With a flow and wordplay unlike any ever heard from his city, along with absolutely captivating live performances, Black has attracted a growing cult-like following. Since the release of his highly anticipated, and heavily praised, debut project “Catch 22”, Black continues to capitalize on his growing buzz by dominating stages, mesmerizing crowds and listeners, and consistently feeding the people mind-blowing bars over high quality music; keeping the fans craving more. Black Walker is undoubtedly one of the upcoming artists to keep on the radar, as he continues to prove to the world that he will stop at nothing until his name is among the greats on which he was raised. 522 is definitely here to stay!